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Falling for forever was a big mistake

It feels so good to let you hurt me one more time

Allie's Stuff
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This is the graphics journal of miss_fancy

I just have a few simple rules.

1) No stealing - this upsets me very much. I hate seeing other people taking credit for my graphics, or using them elsewhere without my permission.
2) Please credit. I will have information on who and how to credit in each post.
3) No hotlinking! It's rude and it sucks!!
4) Feel free to request anything, and I will get it done ASAP. Pictures are preferred, I'm not going to go around hunting for pictures.
5) Enjoy!


"reba", 30 rock, agent mulder, agent reyes, agent scully, american idol, annabeth gish, annie lennox, b/b, back to you, bones, booth/brennan, carol burnett, carrie underwood, chris rich, chuck/kelly, corey miller, country music, crystal gale, dana scully, dancing with the stars, david duchovny, desperate housewives, diane keaton, dixie chicks, doggett/reyes, dolly parton, doris day, faith hill, felicity huffman, fox mulder, gillian anderson, graphic design, grey's anatomy, guitar, hannah aitchison, harry potter, heather mills, heather mills mccartney, house, house md, house/cuddy, house/stacy, huddy, i love lucy, icons, idk my bff jill, itunes, jack/liz, janis joplin, jason feddy, jenna fisher, jim/pam, joanna garcia, john doggett, julie andrews, justin timberlake, kat von d, kelly clarkson, kim saigh, la ink, linda davis, lisa edelstein, lynette/rick, lynette/tom, marcia cross, mariska hargitay, martina mcbride, megan mullally, melissa etheridge, melissa peterman, meryl streep, mitch holleman, monica reyes, mulder/scully, music, old movies, patsy cline, patty loveless, paula abdul, philip sayce, photography, photoshop, pixie acia, project runway, pushing daisies, reading, reba, reba mcentire, reba/brock, reyes/dogget, rosemary clooney, rue, ryan/montana, sally field, sandra bullock, saula, scarlett pomers, scully/mulder, sean hayes, sela ward, sheree j. wilson, skye sweetnam, south pacific, sports, starbucks, steve howey, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, swimming, terri clark, the doris day show, the fray, the office, the office (us), the sound of music, the x-files, tim mcgraw, tina fey, tomb raider, tremors, victor victoria, will & grace, x-files, x-men